Custom Manufactured
Bakery Equipment

We Specialize in a Wide Variety of Custom Overhead Proofers and Custom Conveyors

Overhead Proofer

Design and customization is our speciality. With your specifications in mind, we can build conveyance systems for a wide variety of products, with varying output rates to lower your overhead and overall unit costs. We also offer cost effective solutions for refrigeration, cooling and proofing applications, as well as transferring products. Talk to us about automating your line with our manufactured products.

Custom Built Intermediate Proofer

Our Intermediate Automatic Overhead Proofers are equipped with an economical single infeed and can transfer up to 1500 pieces per hour. Our pallet style proofers can handle a capacity of 6000 pieces per hour with discharge throughout the transfer belt.

PDF Brochure: R.F. Bakery Equipment Custom Built Intermediate Proofer

Custom Built Spiral Conveyor

We can create specialized suspended and floor mounted conveyors for all types of cooling and transport.

Our spiral towers can be designed for all types of belt lengths and widths and are suitable for cooling, proofing and freezing any product.

PDF Brochure: R.F. Bakery Equipment Custom Built Spiral Conveyor

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